The Garden Thyme Podcast

501: Garden Trivia with Stephanie Pully and Kaitlyn Baligush

January 16, 2024 Garden Thyme Podcast Season 5 Episode 1
The Garden Thyme Podcast
501: Garden Trivia with Stephanie Pully and Kaitlyn Baligush
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Hey Listener 

We are bringing in the New Year with a game of Garden Trivia!
Stephanie Pully and Kaitlyn Baligush from the UME Master Gardener Office are joining us with some fun trivia questions. Feel free to play along with us. 
There are four categories, each with three questions:

  •  Botany (~1:53)
  •  Soils (~8:14)
  •  Entomology (~13:09)
  • Native and Invasive Plants (19:46)
  • **Bonus Question ( ~27:19)

 Were  Stephanie and Kaitlyn able to stump us? You will have to listen to find out.  

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  Theme Song: By Jason Inc  

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Botany Questions
Soil Questions
Entomology Questions
Invasive and Native Plants Questions
Bonus Question